Taking ADD Medication 3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty and Swelling?

I am wondering if taking adderall can cause swelling and if it is ok to take 3 weeks post rhinoplasty. I know it is not a blood thinner but it can contribute to an increase in blood pressure and so I am confused as to whether it will effect my healing. Thanks for your help.

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Adderall after Rhinoplasty

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Adderall after Rhinoplasty is fine as long as you do not have tendencies to have elevated blood pressure. Most of my patients who take adderall daily resume their prescription with in the first week of surgery. My anesthesiologist who works with me full time in my office will review all medications with my surgical patients prior to surgery at their preoperative appointment. A medication sheet is filled out telling the patient when to stop taking certain medications, which ones to continue and when to start others. This varies patient to patient depending on the types of medications they are on. I hope this is helpful. Best regards!

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