How much projection can fat grafting to the chin get?

I'd much rather do fat grafting with my own fat than an implant - however, my question is, how much volume can a graft add? I've already gotten 2 grafts and both, right after the procedure my chin was perfect, but both times the chin shrunk after the swelling subsided. I did see improvement after each procedure. Should I just continue to do this until I get the projection I want, or is there a limit to the amount of fat the chin will take?

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Increasing Chin Projection with Fat Grafting

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Unfortunately you have experienced the problem with fat grafting to the chin; you can increase volume but many patients cannot improve projection with this technique. Although I have done fat grafting for over 30 years I prefer solid silicone implants which will provide increased volume and projection permanently. Graft material should be similar to the tissue being augmented; with a weak chin the problem is a lack of mandibular (bone) projection..

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Facial Sculpting Using Fillers Like Voluma, Radiesse, Lyft, Juvederm and Sculptra and Fat

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I think a combination approach would be best to achieve the results you want. I find the best option is using fillers like restylane silk or belotero.  Secondarily sculptra, PRP do well to improve symmetry and volumize the face. Please see an expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Augmentation with fat

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Fat grafting is not an exact science and some fat will not take or what you see initially is often swelling. Best to not over inflate too much and it may require multiple treatments.

Fat transfer and Results

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The Fat Transfer procedure is a great procedure with great results.  Your results are technique dependent on the physician performing it.  Surgeons each do it to their own technique and results vary. In my practice I have long term results that are permanent and the results speak for themslves. It is a great adjunct and works most places in the body.  In my practice I usually do not have to repeat the procedure and have long term results that age with you. 

Fat Transfer to the Chin

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Thank you for your question.  Fat transfer to the chin can be helpful, but not as precise and defined as an implant.  The soft diffuse nature of fat transfer limits the amount of augmenation and the precision you can achieve in such a small tight space.  Two transfers area usually enought to achieve a result.  If you are dissatisfied with two transfers, it is unlikely that a third will make you happy.  Try to be more precise with your surgeon regarding what you are trying to achieve.  Next, ask whether an implant or fat is the best way to get there.  Best wishes.

Fat grafting

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It may be possible to achieve a permanent correction but as to how many procedures it will take is hard to say.  You may be better off with a chin implant since this procedure is quite straightforward.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

Fat graft for chin projection enhancement

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Thank you for your question.

Small chin problem is mostly to bone projection (prominence of the lower jawbone) Soft tissue, (muscle, fat etc) play little role in increasing the projection but rather help to alter shape by draping around the bony ridge.

Implant is used it there is a a lack of anterior projection of lower jaw bone with adequate height of the lower 1/3 face distance (from bottom of the nose to the lower margin of the chin). If this distance is shorter than other 2 thirds of the face (hair line to bottom of the eyebrow ridge and from there to the bottom of nose -all 1/3s should be equal in a proportionate face) then there might be jaw bone malposition with dental malocclusions.

Your surgeon can advise you after assessing.

Fat transferred to chin tends to get reabsorbed due to dense connective tissue matrix in soft tissue there which makes fat cells hard to take up in the new place.

Fat grafting to the chin

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Since you have seen nice results you could do some more grafting.Fat is natural and represents your own body tissues and I think it is a great procedure.

Fat or filler

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So if you were pleased with the fat graft then thats a good sign.. That means the result you want is achievable. My advice is to either have a repeat fat grafting procedure or maybe better still, to try one of the deep filler products like sculptra.

Sculptra works well close up to bone and will certainly help volumes the chin without resorting to fat harvest a third time. It also does well where there is already some volume so again that might work well for you

Hope that helps

Adam Goodwin

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