Will Nipples Lift After Gynecomastia Surgery?

I am only three days out from a lipo/glandular gynecomastia surgery, but I was shocked to see how low my nipples look on my chest/torso. I am 44, but I look like I have the chest of a 70 years old. 1100 cc of fat were removed which seems sizable, and I am worried that the skin won't retract. Is it normal for the nipple to be so low on the torso after a surgery like this?

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Without images it is difficult to provide answers with great confidence.  Nevertheless, 1100ml liposuction of the male breast is a large volume.  Large breast volumes are usually associated with lower nipple position and extra skin that may not resolve to liposuction treatment alone.  Since you have already had liposuction, it might be wise to wait for 6 months to see if the skin will retract before making decisions on further interventions.

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Low nipples following gynecomastia surgery

1100 cc's removed from both breasts would be a large amount even for a woman undergoing breast reduction surgery.  In order to have removed that much tissue, I imagine that you had fairly large breasts.  Since you did not include a picture, this is speculation on my part.  Still, if you were a female and needed that much tissue removed, I would imagine that you would also need a breast lift.  It is quite possible that, even as a male, a breast lift procedure may be in order if your nipple/areola is to be positioned properly.  Again, this is all purely speculation without a photo.

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S/p Gynecomastia Surgery

It depends on what your chest looked like both before  the surgery. If you had poor skin elasticity prior to the surgery it would not be a surprise that after removal of gland and fat the skin would sag a bit. In patients with poor elasticity of the skin it is common to require a secondary procedure.

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Skin May Retract

It is possible that your skin will retract and elevate the position of your nipple and areola. In a patient that I feel is borderline or requires two procedures you may go of the road excision of excess skin. Wear your garment! Only your plastic surgeon can advise you when and if that is necessary.

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You should ask your gynecomastia specialist

 You should ask your gynecomastia specialist. It is too early to know. Be patience.

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Nipples low after liposuction of chest

Without an exam it is very difficult to tell you what to expect. In general at this point you will have to wait and see until the swelling goes down. This may take a few months.

Steven Wallach, MD
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May need skin excision after gynecomastia surgery

It is hard to give you an opinion without photos but in general if you had a lot of excess loose skin then you have to completely rely on the elastic nature of your skin to retract after the breast volume has been removed.  Give it time to retract then if necessary you may need a skin excision. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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