My nostril height is different on either side of nose and is worse since precious surgery any advice ? (Photos)

I had Septolasty and left turbinate reduction surgery three weeks ago, I do understand that I am still healing, however before my surgery I had a slight difference in nostril height, however after surgery the difference in nostril height is more noticable. Due to this my confidence has dropped so much, I feel I need to hide my nose when I'm outdoors, any advice on what could be done to improve my nostril height difference.

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How to address nostril height difference after nasal surgery.

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Hello sammybear252 - Thanks for your question.  It is unusual to have any change in nostril height with septoplasty and turbinate surgery.  If your surgeon used the right side of the nose to approach your septoplasty and closed the right sided incision too tightly it can tack up the alar rim a bit too much.  This may correct itself or may need some type of scar release and composite graft placement to re-lower after 6-12 months of healing. Did you also have a cosmetic rhinoplasty?  If you also had a cosmetic rhinoplasty, you will have to wait a year to see how the nostrils finalize their position after all the tip swelling goes away.  Most patients have a certain amount of asymmetry in the nose to begin with that worsens with rhinoplasty.  I would recommend that you wait it out and work closely with your surgeon to see what may be necessary after you are healed.  Good luck, Dr. Shah

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Nostril asymmetry

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If it was truly only the septum that was operated on, then the nostrils should return to their original shape.  Wait 6 months.  If there is still an asymmetry, please send pictures to for a review.  Best wishes

David Alessi, MD
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Nostrils and septal work

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It is unlikely that pure septal work changed your nostril size in anyway.  At three weeks out, you are probably still experiencing swelling and will have to give it time to settle.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Functional nasal surgery

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 Functional nasal surgery should not change the shape of the nose. Functional nasal surgery such as a septoplasty and turbinate reduction  are performed in the back of the nose to improve airflow dynamics. Functional nasal surgery is performed for medical necessity. A rhinoplasty is required to change the shape of the asymmetrical tip cartilages. If a rhinoplasty has been performed on the nasal tip, it's best to wait at least one year before electing to undergo another procedure. For more information and many examples, please see the link and the video below 

William Portuese, MD
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