Callus Removal Revision Rhinoplasty

I had revision rhinoplasty for a bump that was left over on my nose from a previous surgery that I had 5 years ago. Im now 4 weeks post-op and a slight hump appears in the same area that the previous bump was in. Is it possible that the bump will grow back again or most likely just inflammation? Does rubbing that area make the bump grow back?

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Post-rhinoplasty callus

Thanks for your question. When bones are injured, they form a callus that gradually remodels into proper bone over a period of about six weeks. I've had patients for whom I've rasped calluses and the callus starts to come back. It's REALLY ANNOYING when that happens! Anyway, you can try to massage the area to mold the callus into a smaller shape. It should work to a point. Check in with your surgeon as well to see if they have suggestions. Good luck!

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Hump removal but comming back

Hump removal requires rasping the nasal bones; frequently, some of the rasped bone, almost like sawdust after your have sanded wood, remains behind and can form a residual hump. You can try steroid injection with manual compression in the early postoperative period to decrease prominence.

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