My nose is ruining my life; what should I do? (Photos)

this is truly serious for me.. when i was 14 i was very vain, one day i spent maybe 1 hour squeezing the blackheads from my nose and noticed it went big and red... next day it was the same, so i slept with a clothes peg on my nose for months... only to make things worse.. long story short... 16 years later there is a dramatic difference in my nose, it continues to get bigger and unnatural looking,, in hot weather i cannot breathe out of my nose for some reason, i need help please....

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Cannot breathe through the nose

You have a very narrow nose, especially in the mid vault area, and likely have narrow nasal valves, and possibly valve collapse,  obstructing your breathing. A thorough exam would make the diagnosis but you might benefit from a surgery to open your nasal passages and finally relieve your frustration. Find a good rhinoplasty surgeon who you trust to discuss further. Good luck!

Washington DC Otolaryngologist
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if you cannot breathe through your nose, you  should see an otolaryngologist.. They can make a diagnosis and recommend a plan of treatment, surgical or otherwise.

Dennis Barek, MD
Great Neck Plastic Surgeon
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