Deviated Nose, Dark Spot on left side, Profile Deformity, Irregular Bridge, Wide Tip, High Radix, Long Nose and More? (Photos)

Ive had 7 nose surgeries which 3 have been rhynoplasties. Latest surgeon focused on breathing as other ENT's did too with septoplasties done on me before those surgeons referred me to this last one. Last rhynoplasty was done Feb.'16. Im not happy with how it looks & Ive just done some research to find answers to the issues I think Im facing hence the title for this question. Saw surgeon today, wasnt nice, said im never happy with results & doesnt wanna touch nose till at least Feb.'17. Pls help!

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Problems with the nose

After 7 nose operations it is likely that you should consider not having any more surgery - compared to your initial nose your nose looks greatly improved. If you have thick skin and have only had previous closed rhinoplasties you could consider a minor open revision with lift the tip and smoothing of the small bump on the upper left bridge. However in some angles the bump does not show and rememember your nose will look much longer and wider on these "selfie " views taken with a phone camera - a more accurate view is looking in a normal mirror which does not distort the image like your phone

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