Painless 1.5" lump in upper outer thigh. Could this be a lipoma?

I just noticed a 3.5mm × 2.5mm painless lump in the superficial fatty tissue of my left upper outer thigh. I had a sonogram. (my Dr sent me without a physical exam) and am waiting for results but my understanding is a sonogram is often inconclusive for this type of issue. The lump is firm (not hard) smooth and moves around very easily. Its is dome shaped not round. Is it likely something benign like a lipoma or a sebatious cyst? It's not protruding but can be felt if I press. Thank you.

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Thigh mass

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Soft tissue masses are common and generally always benign (noncancerous). Lipoma (fatty mass)is a likely diagnosis but sebaceous cysts and other benign lumps could also explain your lump. Lipomas are not always visualized on ultrasound. If the lump does not bother you, grow or become infected, you may choose to live with it. If it does grow, become infected or hurt or bother you, it is a simple procedure to remove the mass through a small incision. Good luck and take care.

Diagnosing a lipoma in the thigh

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Lipomas are common in the thigh. I would go to a specialist who can diagnose and then treat your lipoma or subcutaneous nodule. 


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Painless 1.5'' lump in upper outer thigh. Could this be a lipoma?

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Thank you for sharing your question.  A sonogram can identify an enlarged fatty mass such as a lipoma but in most cases the diagnosis can be made with an in-person examination alone.  Once you have the results of your exam seek an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon for an evaluation and discussion of treatment options. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
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