2 weeks post op Fat Grafting, my face is asymmetrical. How do I fix my asymmetry? (photo)

i had fat grafting three weeks ago, but i am asymmetrical (it has bn the same degree of asymmetry since day one just on a smaller scale). i wanted to fix a little asymmetry i think fat grafting exacerbated it and instead of softer my features look a little harsher even though the correction was not much. i also need more by my jaw as my lower face seems narrow? shall i do fat touch up or fillers? my dr is out of state so i would have to find a local dr for filler/ touch up in ny/ nj.

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It's too early

At two weeks much of what you see is swelling which will be asymmetric due to sleeping positions and just the way the body holds and removes fluids.  I wouldn't consider touching anything up for a MINIMUM of 3 months.  Probably more like 6 months.

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2 weeks post op Fat Grafting, my face is asymmetrical. How do I fix my asymmetry?

You are very early and need to give healing some time.  It is very possible that you have differential swelling (more in some areas and less in others).  Wait 6 months and then judge the final result (can be even longer around eyelids).  

Good luck.

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Facial asymmetry after fat grafting

You are still pretty early in the healing phase so don't do anything yet.  You do not appear to have much swelling so it may not change much more, but you still want to wait at least 2-3 months to allow the fat to settle, resorb, and swelling to go away.  At that point  you can have either filler or fat to help improve the symmetry.   

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