Ears itching after otoplasty. Should I contact my surgeon?

It's been about 3 days since my surgery and just today my ears began to itch like crazy, I've only scratched the bottom part (barley) cause I was afraid of any damage I might cause it. Is this normal or could it be an allergic reaction I am having to the antibiotics or the inflammatory caps. Should I contact my surgeon?

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Ears itching after oltoplasty

Hi and thank you for your question.  It is best to contact your Plastic Surgeon and have them evaluate your concern.  Good luck on your recovery!

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Itching after otoplasty

Itching is very common after any surgery.  After otoplasty if you're itching along with redness then it could be allergy to the Ointment that you are  using.  It is best to be evaluated by your surgeon to make sure there is no infection or hematoma.


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Should I contact my surgeon if my ears itch after surgery.

Should I contact my surgeon if my ears itch after surgery.

Hi, Anthony!
Itching is not really specific to any particular problem.  A common myth is that itching is a sign of healing.  While this can be true, it isn't always.  Itching is a sign of inflammation, and inflammation - to some degree - is a part of the healing process.  Inflammation can also be exaggerated in the event of allergic reaction and infection, for example.  If you ever have a question or concern, you should always first contact your surgeon for further evaluation.  Generally speaking, it is best to try to avoid touching anywhere near healing incisions with your hands.  The more contact you make with these areas, the more likely you are to transfer germs into the incisions.  I hope this helps and wish you a great outcome! 

- Dr. Schmidt

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Itching after ear surgery

Itching can be a normal/ common reaction after ear surgery, but yes, it can also herald a more problematic issue like contact dermatitis (allergic reaction in the skin).  Without knowing the details of your treatment, post-operative instructions, and having images to review, it's hard to surmise the cause of your concern.  I think your next best step is to contact your surgeon for further evaluation.  I agree that excessive scratching is not advised at this early point after surgery.  Good luck in your recovery!

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