What creams & moisturizing lotions can I use after IPL laser? Is Aquaphor and Cetaphil ok for the 1st week, the Vit C serum 2nd?

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What can I use after IPL

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You should discuss your post care regimen with your treating office. What are you are describing would generally be fine. We actually apply Vit C directly after the treatment because there is new evidence showing how preventative and corrective this actually is. But since I don't know your skin or type or what exactly you are being treated for, then I would suggest you follow up with the office treating you just to confirm their desired post care.

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IPL, Clear and Brilliant, V-Beam, and serums

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The doctor's office should have reviewed your skin protocol with you after the IPL. IPL is not a laser, it is intensed pulsed light and works differently from a laser.  Cetaphil and aquaphor should all be fine.  Depeding on what setting you were treated for and what condition you can use Vitamin C serum immediately.  It really depends on which setting/etc you were treated with.  If you were just treated for redness then Vitamin C can be used right away.  In this regard I much prefer the combination of Clear and Brilliant and V-Beam lasers. Best, Dr. Green

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