Still can't breathe after turbinoplasty/outfracture?

7 days ago I had a turbinoplasty on both sides, & an outfracture of the nasal bones to correct my breathing. My valves were collapsed, and the outfracture was supposed to correct this. I assumed when the cast came off yesterday and the splints were taken out Id be able to breathe better, but my breathing is worse than before surgery. Im still feeling the same symptoms, particularly on my right side it almost feels as airway is sticking together. Is there any chance this will resolve with time?

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Nasal obstruction

Nasal obstruction in the early period of healing after nasal surgery is secondary to swelling.  Once the first 3 weeks have passed if the swelling has resolved you should be able to breathe well.  Any persistent obstruction needs to be evaluated for possible nasal valve collapse.


Dr. J

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Nasal healing

After surgery on the nose, there is swelling. As the swelling goes down, the nasal passages open up. At one week, the nose is still very swollen. You need to give time for the swelling to subside.

Benjamin C. Paul, MD
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Breathing and swelling

At one week out, you are likely very swollen and this can take several weeks to a few months to improve.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breathing after Rhinoplasty

At 1 week, the inside of your nose is still expected to be swollen. This will take another 2-4 weeks to settle. I would use some nasal saline to keep things moist and follow up with your surgeon. I wouldn't get worried yet. Good luck!

Satyen Undavia, MD
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Turbinate Surgery

Your residual postop breathing issues are likely secondary to swelling of the turbinates.  This will resolve with time.  Follow your surgeon's postop instructions, especially when it comes to saline rinses.

Good luck!

Clyde Mathison, MD
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