Blister after laser treatment.. Hyperpigmentation (outer ring) after healing.. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am an Asian girl (Malay ethnic), with fair skin (but becomes brown if exposed). I now live in Paris. Weeks ago, i had a brown spot on my face. So, i decided to go to the Laser Clinic. They treated the spot using Cynosure Elite, Alexandrite Nd: YAG, 14 mg/0.4ma.. But after, immediately, it became blister! It lasted for 3 weeks and heals very slowly. After healed, there is a post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), (outer ring) Many say PIH may take up to years to be treated. Im so sad

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Treatment Of PIH

PIH is a very difficult problem to treat. However, we have had some success in our clinic treating this with the cynosure laser, although it will require a series of multiple, staged treatments.

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