Is post inflammatory hyperpigmention permanent?

Hi. I had ND:YAG laser done on my upper lip 6 weeks ago. I went to see a certified cosmetic surgeon who said I now have PIH. Is PIH permanent? And if not, typically how long does it take to clear? Also, what is the difference between epidermal and dermal hyperpigmention.

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PIH after a Laser Treatment

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Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation is not a permanent side effect from laser treatments.  The amount of time it takes to resolve can vary, but you can talk to your doctor about ways to treat it.  Not only about what will help reduce the pigmentation, but also to help reduce the likelihood of recurrence of PIH from future treatments.  It's recommended to have a thorough consultation with your treating provider, where they have the opportunity to assess your individual needs, and design a treatment plan that is right for you.

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PIH from laser therapy

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PIH is not permanent and resolution varies patient to patient.  There are creams, peels, and laser that can help with PIH.  Good luck

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