BIG Mistake : Failed Bull Horn Lip lift, too much skin removed, how I can be like before?

I had a bull horn lip lift 8 days ago. But The doctor removed too much skin. My whole face changed. I also had a rhinoplasty 2 month ago, I was so happy, but now my nose changed too much. Nosetrills and my tip are bigger. It seems like my nose and my mouth are glued together now. I am into a deep depression, so much regret! I just want to go back to my old face. What can I do? Which operation? Which doctor? I can flight all around the world, I just want to fix my face quickly. Please help me.

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Lift lift -too much skin removed.

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Thank you for asking about your lip lift.
  • I am sorry you are in such distress 
  • But you cannot judge the result of a lip lift at 8 days - it always looks wrong at this point.
  • You are very swollen.
  • Please do not have any further surgery and treatment -
  • This operation cannot be reversed but as swelling goes down your face may end up just fine.
  • You need to wait at least six months, sometimes longer, to judge your final result.
  • Let your surgeon know of your distress and anxiety so you can get the support you need.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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