Angiofibroma on nose - scarring risk. (photos)

Hello, I have a small fibrous papule on the center of my nose and it's very bothersome. My dermatologist did a shave biopsy and a shave excision and that didn't seem to help. My derm said it was vascular,and a co2 laser would be my best choice. However, in her facility there wasn't a co2 laser, so she referred me to a specialist. The specialist told me the laser would leave a dent/visible scar on my nose, which was no help because it's very bothersome. Is there anything else I can do?

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Recurrent fibrous papule of the nose tip

Hi there and thank you so much for your question!

Having looked at your pictures I would have also offered a tangential shave plus cautery of the root for this lesion; manual dermabrasion (dermasanding) is another option. Failing that then one is facing surgery which will leave a scar but with the size of the lesion that you have it should be reasonable and at least not stick out and be so noticeable. It does require a close up assessement in person to make a definitive  decision; the problem with resurfacing or ablative lasers and also chemical peel is that there might be a risk of a depression or pock mark if the treatment was slightly over aggressive. 

I hope that this information was helpful and my very best wishes for finding a good answer to your problem.

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