How can I best shorten my philtrum to make face look more balanced? (photo)

Hello, the space between my nose and lips is too long. I am also having a rhinoplasty next month and I think it will add up to this. I was wondering if getting lip fillers would help, or if a lip lift would be necessary. Or, if there is maybe another way to make this area look more balanced. I also don't like how the corners of my mouth feel droopy, and as you can see my lips are quite assymetrical. Thank you :)

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Shortening the Philtrum

Hi dianab1111,

If you really feel like your philtrum is too long, you can definitely do upper lip lift, but since we cannot evaluate based from your front view photo alone, it will still be best to see a specialist or at least your side view photo for better evaluation.

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Lip lift vs. filler

Thank you for your question! This is not as clear cut, unfortunately, as you would think.  In general, it depends on what the goal is for your rhinoplasty - that will really help determine what would work best.  If you are shortening the nose, or rotating it up, then filling the lips may be a temporary fix, however, it will not lead to long term results that you will like.  In those cases, a modified lip lift that is designed to give you volume as well as projection can help.  Often times I wait 4-6 months after the rhinoplasty to get an idea of what the final relationship will be before determining which to do.  Everyone is a little different, and thus, it is better to tailor the procedure to each individual.  I hope this helps! Best of luck.

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