Why does my nose look piggy after rhinoplasty?

I had a nose job 8 days ago in paris. I wanted my side profile to be different but not too much on the front, i know it's really early to judge but my nostrils look very upturned, i'm not sure if it's normal or not. The doctor told me that i look like that because of the swelling and that i have to come back in 1,5 /2 months to see what i look like. I'm a worried that i have to go through many months looking like this, and i dont want to go public looking like that.

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Swelling Can Cause Upturned Nostrils

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Thank you for your question and the helpful photos. Your doctor is most likely correct that swelling is responsible for the current look of your nostrils, especially given how recent your procedure was. The improvement from here will likely be gradual as your nasal tissues settle into their new positions. Give yourself some time to heal, and be sure to follow your doctor's instructions during this time. There's no reason to be concerned, but you can certainly discuss it at your next follow-up visit.

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My nose looks upturned after rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your query.

Often times, the nose will look upturned after a rhinoplasty procedure. This is often after the tip has been modified by the various available techniques.

With the passage of time and as the swelling subsides, there will be a down-turning in the current position of the tip and the nostrils.

It will take about 3 months for you to begin to notice that.

Hope my answer helps. 

Early rhinoplasty results

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns regarding your rhinoplasty result.  I do see what you are referring to in terms of the angle between your columella and the upper lip.  I suspect this will improve with time as the swelling goes down and the tissue relaxes.  It does, however, depend on what was done during the rhinoplasty procedure.  If the shape and appearance remains after healing some of the changes may have to be surgically reversed to reduce the nano-labial angle.

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