Will the hanging columella hang less after swelling goes down? I'm 2.5 weeks post op. (Photo)

2,5 weeks ago, I had a septorhinoplasty. No tip work. Just correction of a deviated septum and some support stuff to prevent ptosis. After a week, cast was removed & the nose was really swollen, however there was no sign of an overly hanging columella with showing insides. Now, I can clearly see inside my nose. Is swelling of the columella the reason for this and will it hang less after the swelling goes down? (My columella is still very stiff and sensitive). If not, can it easily be treated?

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Even without tip work, columella swelling can be expected

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Your photos show the expected degree of columella swelling often seen 2.5 weeks after rhinoplasty even if no tip work was performed.  Stay relaxed as worrying will not help.  Be sure to attend followup visits and use them as an opportunity to express any concerns to your treating surgeon.

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Concerned about my columella

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You are still quite early in the healing process and patience is the best advice. There will be significant changes over the ensuing year and I would recommend holding off judgement until you've completed your healing. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Hang in there!

Bryan Correa, MD
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