Nasal Valve Collapse Surgery Failed. What Can I Do?

21 year old male.i had a septoplasty/turbinate reduction/ nasal valve surgery done last year. everything turned out well except the nasal valve issue, it still collapses when i breathe in, especially on the left side. my surgeon used the suture techinique where he wraps it around the bone to keep it from collapsing. my nose seemed fine my whole life until sinus infection came on and everything changed. what options do i have at this point.

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Failed nasal valve surgery

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There are a few ways of addressing collapsed nasal valves. These include batten grafts, lower lateral cartilage strut grafting (and/or repositioning) and spreader grafts. The idea is to strengthen the weakened nasal valves to help minimize collapse as you breath in.

You can learn more about what goes into nasal valve collapse repair in my blog post link below.

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Nasal valve collapse

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If you have midvault collaspe and a spreader graft was not used, you may need to go that route.  It is important to find out exactly what was done for you to consider your options.

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Nasal Valve Surgery for Problems Breathing through the nose

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Dear Roger,

-You may need an additional procedure to fix the nasal valve area

-It could also be that the turbinate was not reduced enough or you have a residual septal deviation

-The only way to know what the issue is and how it can be helped is to have a consultation where you can be examined

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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Nasal Valve Collapse

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Your option depend on what caused the nasal valve collapse, how it was fixed in your initial surgery, and how the extent of the collapse now.  Please consult with a board certified Head and Neck Surgery or Facial Plastic Surgeon to address this issue. 

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