Will Removing my Cartilage Graft Leave Scar Tissue at my Tip?

I had a rhinoplasty eight months ago where a tip graft from my septal cartilage was placed on the tip of my nose. My nose looks elongated, pointy, sharp and the graft literally shows through my skin. (pictures are posted from my precious question) My doctor said he said he can remove it under local anesthesia when it is a year since surgery. I read that I have scar tissue forming around my graft. Is the longer I wait more damaging to the tip of my nose?

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Removing cartilage grafts from nose tip

It is certainly acceptable and a good idea to have a cartilage graft removed if it is showing through very thin skin.  There is no problem waiting a full year since additional scar tissue will not form around the graft.  This procedure can be performed without any further damage under local anesthesia.

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Will Removing my Cartilage Graft Leave Scar Tissue at my Tip?

 If the shield cartilage graft is removed, the excess scar tissue, if any, can also be removed at that time.

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Tip graft

Removing the tip graft should not cause additional damage. This grafts once they have healed they are attached to adjacent tissues, so they have to carefully be separated from them, they cannot just be "pulled out" Not sure if only local anesthesia is the right way to do this, though.

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Will Removing my Cartilage Graft Leave Scar Tissue at my Tip?

This is unlikely to happen. The thinking behind waiting 12 months is that you can fully heal in that time period and the true form of your new nose will be evident. At that time point it is easier to plan the proper procedure to improve things. It is unlikely that you will form a significant amount of scar tissue during that time period. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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Waiting Will Not Cause Further Damage

From your description, it sounds like you have thin skin at your tip causing the shield graft to become visible.  This is due to a lack of tissue between the graft and skin.  If you where having scar tissue form over your graft, it would actually help you as it would would create more tissue between the graft and the skin.  This would make the visible graft be less noticeable.  Waiting to get a revision rhinoplasty in this situation will not be damaging.


The only caveat is if the graft is not of your own cartilage.  In that situation, the foreign implant has a risk of extruding through the skin.   

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD
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