Nasal Valve Collapse, Worried?

21 year old male,i have nasal valve collapse, when i breathe in, one nostril caves in substantially, and the other caves in slightly this issue started 2 years ago when i had/still have sinusitis, one year ago i had a septoplsty/ turbinate reduction and this might have mad this issue nose gets substantially less congested once i eat very clean(been doing this for about a week now) so if surgery didnt initially cause it, and the completely blocked nasal passages didnt, then what did?

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Treating nasal valve collapse

I suspect that your nasal valve collapse was masked by your previously blocked nasal passages. Once you had your septoplasty which improved your nasal airflow you now experience increased internal airflow which can create more negative pressure in the nostril area. This can then lead to nostril collapse like you mentioned.

Luckily functional rhinoplasty can be used to provide better support to the external nasal valve. Check out my link below to learn more about this type of surgery.

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Septoplasty doesn't always fix the nasal valve.

Techically, the most common cause for nasal valve collapse is a devaited septum. When we talk about the nasal valve though, we are really addressing the sidewalls. Sometimes its the external valve (middle third of the nose) or it may be the external valve (nostril support). I suggest you see a revision rhinoplasty specialist to discuss your nose and to see how your breathing can be improved.

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What caused my nasal valve collapse?

This is an interesting question. Often when people have a bad nasal septum they are unable to move enough air through the nose to reveal collapse of the nasal valve. When the septum is repaired, there is much more airflow. Once there is airflow, negative pressure can develop that then reveals nasal valve collapse. In certain cases, a rhinoplasty is then helpful to reinforce the valve and prevent its collapse. I hope this information is helpful.

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