I Got my Tragus Pierced a Week Ago and I'm Getting Otoplasty Surgery Next Month, Does it Need to be Taken Out?

okay so, i got my tragus (ear) pierced last week and I just got a call for my up coming otoplasty surgery next month. Should i Take out my ring? would the piercing effect the surgery?

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Ear Piercings and Otoplasty Surgery

While the otoplasty procedure does not involve the tragus on the front part of the ear, the piercing should be removed on the day of surgery. It may cause the electrocautery used during the operation to cause a skin burn around the piercing. While this is not likely, it is not worth the risk to leave it in. It may be reinserted at the end of the operation or the day after surgery.

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Otoplasty surgery after ear piercing.

Otoplasty surgery generally  does not involve the tragus.  However if you have a metal piercing you may be best to remove it as electrical cautery typically is used during the procedure. 

Philip Solomon, MD, FRCS
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Otoplasty and tragal / tragus piercing should they be taken out

The answer is Yes. The metal in the earring could conduct electricity and you could get a burn during the surgery. Usually it entails making contact with the metal of the earring but to decrease the risk I would take them out before the otoplasty.

Philip Young, MD
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