Can Ear Cartilage Graft from Nose Be Placed Back in the Conchal Bowl?

I asked a question about ear reconstruction after cartilage harvest for revision rhinoplasty. I will soon remove the one ear cartilage graft from my nose because of problems. Since I see the asymmetry between my ears and want to fix my ear from which the cartilage was taken , I was wondering if it is possible to place the graft back in the conchal bowl? Any thoughts?

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Replacing Cartilage Into Conchal Bowl

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Replacing cartilage in the conchal bowl may involve some degree of risk.  The biggest issue will be the potential for a palpable edge.  The surgeon replacing the cartilage must be able to make the cartilage smoother for replacement.  Theoretically, the conchal bowl has no effect on ear appearance.  If there is a visible difference, cartilage may have been taken from the "shoulder" area of the conchal bowl or a large sharp demarcation of where the cartilage was taken may be present.  In addition, sometimes, the postauricular muscle can change the angle of orientation of the ear as well.  Discuss your aesthetic concerns with your surgeon and see what is the cause of the aesthetic discrepancy.

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Otoplasty to improve ear appearance after ear cartilage harvest for revision rhinoplasty

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You can use the cartilage from your nose to help with the appearance of your ears. But it depends on the situation and your ear appearance and what you want to achieve. Other implants such as medpor can also be used, including silicone.

Philip Young, MD
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Conchal Deformity from a Cartliage Graft

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It's very unusual to have a visual cosmetic deformity from a conchal cartilage graft. Usually there may be a palpable defect but not a visual one. If you do have a visual deformity then taking conchal cartilage from the opposite ear may be the option.

Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
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