Can I Get Just the Tips of my Ears Pinned Back?

I had otoplasty surgery in 2004 and overall its good but the tips of my ears on both sides stick out. Is it possible to have just the tips of my ears pinned/sculpted back on each ear?

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Otoplasty and pinning back just the tips of the ears

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This is totally possible and it will entail just creating the bend at the top of the ears. This can be done with most of the incision behind the ear and sometimes at the very top. I would go to someone really experienced in this and someone that will really listen to your needs and be patient with you in all of these aspects.

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Mini-Otoplasty for tip of ears

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Select areas of ears can be pinned back using cartilage suture techniques. It is not rare after many otoplasties to see the most northern (tip of the ear) or the most southern (earlobe) part of the ears to protrude more than the middle. When these areas have not been adequately addressed during the initial procedure, they can be corrected secondarily  through a more limited otoplasty procedure. Often these can be done under local anesthesia in the office through a small incision on the back of the ears.

Revision Otoplasty for tips of ears

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Sure you can re sculpt the tips of the ears. This usually entails some sculpting of the catilage with sutures. This can easily be accomplished under local anesthesia with minimal recovery. I would suggest a consult to truly delineate what needs to be done. Best regards, Dr. D.

Otopolasty Ear Surgery

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Absolutely -  this is a limited bilateral limited otoplasty, a procedure typically performed under light oral sedation and local anesthesia.  The goal is to create symmetry and obviously less visible ears.

Otoplasty for the top of the ears

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To answer your question, yes otoplasty can selectively bring back the tops of your ears.  Otoplasty is the name of the procedure where the ears are reshaped. There are different otoplasty techniques that treat different parts of the ears. The tops of the ears can be brought back, the entire ear can be brought back closer to the head, and the ear lobes can be brought in as well. Each otoplasty surgery differs as each persons ears are uniquely different. A good otoplasty surgeon will customize the procedure to each individual patient.



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