I had my milia under and near my eyes removed by a doctor. I still have light brown scars after 3 and half weeks! What to do?

I had my milia under and near my eyes removed by a dermatologist. (I'm not sure if it was keratosis or milia, but i believe it was lancet that the dr. used). The scabs fell off after a few days, but now I still have light brown scars where they were removed. It's been over 3 and half weeks! Is this normal? I thought that this procedure shouldn't scar. What can I do at home to fix this? Should the doctor follow up with treatment since it's taking unusually long? Thanks!

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Follow up with your dermatologist.

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The suggestion to use sun screen is a sound one.  However, this could just be post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.  Often this will get better with sufficient time.  Let the dermatologist evaluate your concerns and see what is recommended for your particular situation.

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Patience & avoid sun exposure

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It can be normal to have this response which may settle b/w 6-12 weeks after initial treatment.
Protect the eyelid skin from the sun & use a good SPF & sun glasses which are both UV A & B protective.
Discuss your concerns with your dermatologist.

Sabrina Shah-Desai, MS, FRCS
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