Malar bags at 23. Could I have thyroid problems? (Photo)

These have become more prominent since high school. They're a crease across upper cheek, but below the upper bone line. My grandma has myasthenia gravis which I think is associated with thyroid problems and malar bags are as well (I think?) I have asthma and I know that sinus infections can cause these but they're there regardless of whether I'm consistent with my asthma medication (albuterol and singulair), so I'm wondering about the thyroid connection to malar bags.

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Rule out thyroid issues

Hi I would definitely recommend thyroid tests - you may have an under active thyroid that could cause this appearance. As you have an atopic condition - this may contribute too.
Festoons or malar bags can be challenging to treat - please do not get dermal fillers, as this can worsen the swelling.

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