My eyes are too close together, how to I fix this? (photo)

My eyes are really close together and have been bullied because of it a lot, how do I change them?

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While it is feasible technically to move the orbits that does not mean it is something you should undertake.

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You look old enough in the photo to weigh the gravity of you own decisions.  While craniofacial surgery is capable of moving the eyes, this would be radical and potentially life threatening surgery.  Assuming you could get someone to agree to perform such surgery would you have it done?  An ethical craniofacial surgeon would advise working with a psychiatrist long before agreeing to undertake such a venture.  The important thing to understand is that there are other unpredictable changes to your face that will most likely result from such a procedure.  How would you feel if the surgery only made the eyes slightly wider but now you had other issues as a result of the surgery that you did not anticipate?  I think it would be very productive to make the effort with the psychiatrist to explore how you feel about your appearance especially in light of your history of being bullied.  Gaining insight into your emotional development shaped by this bullying might help you adjust to your appearance without the necessity of potentially life-threatening surgery.

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A minimally invasive approach would be to treat your central lower forehead with Botox - that would relax the musculature between your eyes and will slightly increase. The perceived distance between your eyes.

Vartan Mardirossian, MD
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Hypotelorism -Eyes too close together

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Thank you for your question and a picture.

What you describe is medically called hypotelorism and requires an orbital CT scan to confirm the diagnosis.  Treatment, if any, can involve radical craniofacial surgery with orbital osteotomies which is only recommended in severe instances.

To be discuss your options in person, see two or more board certified and experienced craniofacial surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation.

I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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