Can I Have my Earlobes Reduced Without Evident Scarring on the Outer Ear? (photo)

Is it possible to have an earlobe reduction with minimal to no scarring? If so, where would the incision be placed? I'm a young male without pierced ears or torn earlobes, and I would like to keep it that way. I do not want a scar that will bother me more than my initial earlobe size. I would appreciate a prompt and informative reply. Thanks

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Can I Have my Earlobes Reduced Without Evident Scarring on the Outer Ear?

Yes, you can have ear lobe reduction without prominent scarring on the front side of the ear lobe. Anytime a surgical procedure is done, especially when an incision must be done to reduce the volume, there will be scarring. Potentially, the scar can be hidden for you in natural lines, But there will still be a scarring.

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Earlobe reduction: two potential methods

Enlarged earlobes are a common problem that can cause patients to be very self-conscious.  Fortunately, they can be reduced in size under local anesthesia 
Earlobe reduction methods:
  1. Wedge excision: A wedge (like a piece of pie) is removed from the earlobe, usually near its junction with the cheek.  This leaves a vertical scar at the earlobe-cheek junction.  Because of the potential visibility of this scar and the limited amount of skin that can be removed, I use this technique only occasionally.
  2. Margin excision: The desired reduced earlobe shape and size are meticulously drawn on the earlobe.  The earlobe is trimmed precisely according to these markings.  Excess fat (between the two skin surfaces) is removed.  The earlobe is stitched.  The scar is located along the lower edge of the earlobe and is generally inconspicuous.  This is the technique that I usually perform, as the desired size and shape can be precisely planned, and the scar is better hidden in most patients.

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Earlobe reduction

Earlobe reduction is often done by plastic surgeons, but usually they are older people or are having gauges repaired.  The scars usually fade away and are barely noticeable.

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Behind the ear incisions

In short, the answer is yes.  However, one must keep in mind that anytime an incision is made, there will be a scar.  One key factor in minimizing the appearance is to place the incisions along natural creases to minimize the appearance.  I have done reductions with placing the incision on the back side of the ear so that the incision is completely hidden.  There are also post-procedure treatments that can be used to help as well.

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Earlobe reduction and split earlobe surgery; what are the risks of scarring

Visible scars are minimal with earlobe repairs in my Los Angeles plastic surgery practice.  I have found that the scars are slightly thickened and darker in the first six months, but gradually fade away. Overall, the results are impressive. 

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Earlobe reduction

There is a very straight forward solution to this.  You should be aware though that likely there will be a potentially visible scar at the junction of the earlobe and the cheek, or alternatively along the lower border of the earlobe.  

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Earlobe reduction

You can absolutely reduce the size of your earlobes.  I would consult a plastic surgeon to explain to you where the incisions can be based on the degree of reduction you seek.  Most of the times, the incision can be hidden along borders to minimize or camouflage the appearance of the scar.  Good luck.

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Can scars be hidden

You should have a consult and discuss with your surgeon that scar position, location is of primary importance to you and then let your surgeon explain to you the different options to achieve your goals. You shouldn't have any problem.

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Earlobe Reduction

Yes!  This can be performed!  Depending on how much reduction you are trying to achieve, the incisions can be hidden in your natural creases that already exist so that it is not noticeable.  I also recommend a special topical ointment that minimizes any potential scarring for my surgical patients.

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