My Ears Are Pierced Too High and I Would Like to Close Andd Repierce in a Lower Positiondifferent Spot

My Ears Are Pierced Too High and I Would Like to Close Andd Repierce in a Lower Positiondifferent Spot, Is This Possible?

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Relocating Ear Piercing

If you have had your ears pierced and would like them to be relocated, this is possible.  Instead of having a split or torn earlobe, it sounds like you want the piercing repositioned.  However, please consult with a board certified specialist who can consult with you and help guide you to the best course of action.

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Closing an ear piercing

Thanks for asking. Earlobes requiring repair can be from a variety of reasons. For example, a torn earlobe from a pulled earring, gauged earlobes that are now unwanted, facelift surgery causing pulled earlobes, or just simply elongated from older age.

Because of the variety of different causes, earlobe repair may vary in complexity. Prices will vary accordingly. and also vary depending on the region of the country you are in and the surgeon's expertise.

Typically to remove a piercing, the hole needs to be excised and the edges sutured together. I have some special techniques that I employ to minimize scarring and notching that can be seen if not reconstructed properly.

This repair can be performed comfortably under local anesthesia and earlobes can be re-pierced 6 weeks later if desired. Consult with an experienced board certified facial plastic / plastic surgeon in you area.

Raymond E. Lee, MD
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Repositioning earlobe piercing holes

This happens all the time. Holes can be uneven. Holes can stretch over time, or are stretched after trauma, (kids pulling on earrings). We close these holes often under local anesthesia in the office. Give your local facial plastic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon a call.

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Moving an earlobe hole

If your earlobe hole is in the wrong place, it can be surgically repaired followed by re-piercing about a month later.  Most patients have the opposite situation from yours, that is, the hole is too low and they want it pierced higher up.

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Earlobe repair

Repairing earlobe problems is generally fairly easy to perform under local anesthesia in an office setting.  In your case, I would simply cut out the old earlobe hole and  suture the edges back together.  After three weeks, I would repierce your earlobe in a new location.


Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
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Repiercing to the proper position is possible

Yes this is a commonly done procedure. We use a small amount of xylocaine injection to numb the area make a small incision up to the old whole area and then close the area of incision with a suture. The sutures remain in for approximately a week and the area heals quite quickly as far as redness or visualization of the incision. However you do need to wait a few months for them to be completely healed inside and out before properly repiercing them. Best regards

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Ear piercing do-over

New ear piercing holes can always be added to an earlobe but it is important to keep the new hole at least a few millimeters away from the old hole, even if the old hole is closed up.  An experienced dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon can remove the old hole but it will always be a weaker area.  If you pierce too close to the old hole a pull on an earring in the new hole can rip through the old hole and create a large, deformed space.

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Closing ear piercing

Closing a high ear piercing is very possible. If the piercing is in the cartilage, this is a little more difficult, but can be done.

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Closing Ear Piercing?

Thank you for the question.

“Split” earlobes  can be easily reconstructed under local anesthesia with minimal risk and recovery time.  It is important to  re-approximate the curved earlobe  precisely to avoid step off or other visible deformity.  Re-piercing  is probably best delayed  a few months if the new piercing site is that all close to the closed site.

I would suggest a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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