Will my Dermatitis Leave a Permanent Mark/Scar? (photo)

Hi :) 8 weeks ago I went through a tummy-tuck and gynecomastia (liposuction only.) operation. I wore a compression vest for about 5 weeks, which is now thought to have caused some kind of dermatitis on my chest. (contact?) At first, it was "under" the skin and eventually "burst" out and surfaced. I was subscribed Elocom for 10 days, twice a day; The "redness" and itching subsided, but there's still a brown/reddish patch. Will this patch ever go away? Will the pigmentation disappear? Thanks :)

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Dermatitis after gynecomastia

Yikes.  I get itchy just looking at your photos.  I'm glad you are getting better.  My guess is that your pigmentation will return to normal but it could take awhile.  I recommend you stay in close contact with your surgeon and also to avoid sun exposure like the plague while your skin is still inflamed.  UV could permanently darken the inflamed area.

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Discoloration should go away

Your skin discoloration from the dermatitis should go away. It may take several months. Follow-up with your plastic surgeon as he/she may be able expedite the process for you, and he/she will want to follow it as well. 

Armin Moshyedi, MD
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