I can feel my chin implant wings end from outside. (photos)

I can feel my chin implant wings end from outside my jaw line.. Asthetically its all right a little pimple size implant is pointi out and can be seen..i am at 4 day post oparative stage...my sergeon said it is alr8 will go away with healing..i want to know that will the silicone implant couse my skin to tear from inside..or will there other problm if i leav it like this

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Chin Implant Wing

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You appear to have an edge of the implant wing that is folded on itself. Besides being able to feel it, and you may eventually be able to see it when all the swelling goes down, it does not pose harm to the skin or overlying tissues. Give it 6 to 8 weeks and see of it is an aesthetic concern as it can always be revised to lay flat.

My Chin Implant Left Lateral Wing Is Visible Under My Skin - Could This Cause A Problem?

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From the photograph you sent, it appears that the left lateral extent of the chin implant turned outward towards the skin and not downward towards the bone.  There is no sign of skin damage from pressure.

I recommend you seek consultation with your personal plastic surgeon, point out the protrusion on your left lower cheek, and ask for his or her recommendations. 

If you were my patient, I would take you back to surgery, remove the implant intra orally, reopen the pocket, and reposition the implant so as not to be visible.  No one can guarantee you pressure necrosis of your skin will not occur sometime in the future. 

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