How to Temporarily Hide a Bump on Nose?

I'm saving money for a rhinoplasty to remove a nose hump. However, I was wondering if there's a temporary way to hide the bump that is cheap ($100 or less). I don't want to get fillers because that will set me back on getting surgery.

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Methods of camouflaging dorsal hump

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A great way to "camouflage" a bump is to wear glasses/sunglasses.  Not sure if this is the answer you are looking for, but wearing frames like Russ Westbrook and Chris Paul is a great way to temporarily hide imperfections on the bridge of your nose.  

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How to hide a nasal bump

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There are 4 ways I know of to hide a nasal hump.  Unfortunately, you have put a $100 restriction on your treatment which will limit you to two options.

1) makeup can be applied which can make a nose look more narrow, and straighter.  You would need to see a makeup artist familiar with shadowing the nose to create an illusion.

2) wear glasses to cover the bump.

3) Use a little filler to disguise the bump (cost $400-$650) depending on the product and person used.

4) Rhinoplasty.

Options 1 and 2 fit your budget and carry no risk, so there is no downside to trying them.  Best wishes.

Temporary hide a bump on the nose

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 Styling  your hair with long bangs, or  large rim  glasses to help camouflage a bump on the nose.  In the meantime, do your homework, and find a experienced rhinoplasty surgeon when the time is right  follow through with your rhinoplasty.

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Hiding a Dorsal Hump (Temporarily)

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Though use of dermal fillers is a great option, if you are saving up your money, you're right -- this may set you back a bit. There are a couple of other options. First, like Dr. Yoo said, you can use glasses. If you don't need prescription lenses, this is no problem. There are tons of affordable options online (Warby Parker makes cool glasses for under $100). Another option, if you're not opposed, is to use a bit of makeup or concealer to hide the shadow created by the hump. This will work from the front view, but obviously not from the side. Best of luck moving forward!

How to hide a nose hump

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I totally agree with Dr. Yoo.  The best way to "hide" a nose hump or bump is to wear eye glasses but hairstyle and head position can help as well.  Other than that do not waste your money and spend the $100 on something more useful until you get your rhinoplasty/ 

Non surgical rhinoplasty

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The use of fillers is the typical way this would be dealt with and it will cost much more than $100. Save the money for a good rhinoplasty by an experienced surgeon. Good luck!

Hiding a Dorsal Hump #nosejob

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I do not really know of a good reliable way to camouflage a bump. I would have said filler but you indicated a price that is well below what filler costs. 

Hiding a nasal bump

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A nasal bump is difficult to camouflage without surgery.  Fillers can sometimes soften it but will make the nose look larger.  Good luck.  Makeup?

How to Temporarily Hide a Bump on Nose

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Fillers are an option to help hide a bump. I am not aware of any other method. It may be an idea to consult a makeup specialist who may have some tricks.

Good Luck


Non Surgical Management of a Dorsal Bump

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There are no ways to address a bump on the bridge for less that $100 dollars. Fillers are the only non surgical option and the cost of this can range from $400-1500 depending on the typ and amount of filler. You shouldn't compromise your care based on affordability. Save your money until you can pay for an experienced professional to help. 

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD
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