I had ectropion surgery on both eyelids. How long before stitches dissolve. Been 3 weeks.

Can I wait until spring to see if stitches have desolved. Going away for winter. Had ectropion surgery 3 weeks ago.

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Yes, these sutures needed to come out 2 weeks ago.

Please insist that the surgeon remove the sutures.  While there are ectropion surgeries that rely on the suture to form a scar that contributes to the long term effect of the surgery.  However, current methods do this internally rather than externally to avoid complications that can occur when sutures are left in the skin for a long time.  Call your surgeon tomorrow and have these sutures removed.

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Dissolving stitches?

If it's been three weeks they might not be dissolvable.  Hard to tell without a picture.  You should see your doc for an evaluation. Having suture present until spring probably isn't a good idea.

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