Extremely asymmetrical eyelids/eyes? How can I fix this problem? (photos)

I don't know when my eyes became uneven but I only noticed it after high school. I'm currently 21. One thing that's strange is that when I first wake up in the morning and my eyes are puffy, my eyes are completely even but after a few hours they look completely asymmetrical. (3rd pic is of my eyes in the morning) This makes me think it's an issue with lack of fat above my upper left eye. How would I fix this problem? What is the cheapest solution? Anything I can do that's non surgical? Thanks!

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You have bilateral upper eyelid ptosis that is worse on the left side.

The attached video shows a woman with a very similar asymmetry.  You have a levator dehiscence in the left upper eyelid.  This causes the anterior orbital fat that provides fullness to the upper eyelid fold to retract into the orbit.  Repairing the upper eyelid helps restore the volume to the upper eyelid fold.  Don't do cheap solutions.  This is your face we are talking about.

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Asymmetric eyes from asymmetry eyelid ptosis

It appears you have left upper eyelid ptosis (droopy) with brow compensation (left brow rises in order to help lift the droopy eyelid). This can fluctuate throughout the day, worse when tired. See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation. See following link and video.

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Upper Eyelid Asymmetry

Thanks for the question.  I agree you do have an asymmetry of the upper eyelids.  You are partially correct in your assessment of the cause of the asymmetry.  The position of the upper eyelid crease and orbital fat of the upper eyelid is determined by the level of the insertion of the levator aponeurosis to the overlying skin creating the upper eyelid crease.  Your crease is higher on the left than on the right which contributes to the asymmetry.  This asymmetry is covered up by your fuller upper eyelids in the morning which go down over the course of the day.  This can be corrected by upper eyelid surgery on the left to correct the fold position.  A non-surgical option is not available.

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Asymmetric eyes

You have an interesting problem. If the issue was with eyelid fat, that would not change throughout the day. Your lids don't look droopy, so I would recommend an evaluation by an eye specialist. A thorough evaluation by an oculoplastic surgeon will hopefully diagnose your problem.

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Asymmetric eyes

While I do agree that you have some asymmetry, you have pretty eyes. I doubt most people notice. It appears from your photograph that the left lower eyelid is a bit lower than the right. In my opinion, you should first have a specialist work with you to look for an underlying cause that might be addressed. If none is found, that specialist could raise the lower lid modestly.

Daniel Lensink, MD
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