Post-Stroke, my right eye won't open unless I cover my left eye. Is there any surgery to correct this?

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Neurogenic ptosis

Stroke-related nerve palsies are very difficult to correct. There is a long period of recovery and during this time you may see improvement. If your recovery has reached a plateau, residual ptosis can be corrected, but this might induce diplopia (double vision) if the nerve(s) supplying the extraocular muscles are not functioning. Strabismus surgery is an option if you have diplopia when the eyelid is manually lifted. You may need to see a neuro-ophthalmologist and/or strabismus specialist in addition to your oculoplastic surgeon. Best wishes for successful treatment.

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Eye won't open after stroke

That's a complicated question that could  only be answered after a neuro-ophthalmic examination. I think you should see an ophthalmologist or ophthalmic plastic surgeon for a thorough evaluation.

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