Should I get my lip injections from a 'registered nurse'? (photo)

I don't want to regret getting lip injections so I want to make sure I do my research. There's this plastic surgery place and I called for a consultation and they said At the consultation I would meet their nurse that does all of the injections there. I read on here you should only get lip injections from a board certified plastic surgeon? Please look at her qualifications and tell me if she looks says she's a certified injector of Botox juvederm and evolence

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Nurse or MD

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To answer your question I feel like you need to understand a little about the process of getting a nursing degree and the process that is required to obtain a medical license.
Nurses generally spend anywhere from 2 years after high school to 4 years obtaining their degree/license.   MD's spend a minimum of 11 years (family medicine and pediatrics) , 12 years (Dermatology)   and as many as 14 or 15 (surgical specialists) years after high school before they have completed their medical  training and  are eligible to be  licensed.  
I think I would be on safe ground in stating  that not a single RN  would be able to pass Step 1 or Step 2 or Step 3 of the Mandatory Medical Board Exam required by every medical school and every state medical board  for  Medical Students to move forward in their training and obtain a license to practice.
Once they obtain their license then they all must take a specialty exam in their respective specialties and this almost always includes an intensive oral peer to peer exam.  These exams always are at least one day in length and sometimes two.  
Nurses in my state can take a sixty question exam lasting little more than an hour (no oral component)  in order to get their certification (RN) and state license.
So I hope that helps you make your decision. 

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Who should do it?

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I think there are two questions here- who CAN inject and who SHOULD inject. In the UK nurses, doctors and dentists can inject. I have seen good and bad injectors from all groups. The questions should really be how experienced are they with this procedure and do you like their results? Maybe ask to see some pictures of their work to see if you are on the same wavelength.

Sarah Tonks, BDS, MBBS
London Physician

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