Otoplasty healing process. I feel that my ears are too pinned to my head. Will they gradually move out?

Attached is a picture of my otoplasty surgery pre / post op after one week..... I feel that my ears are too pinned to my head in the post picture, will they gradually move out as the swelling goes down...... Also do you feel my surgeon did a good job based on the picture..... Thank you for the feedback......

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A Natural appearing result

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From the picture you posted, i would say, it looks like a natural result.  I would be happy with that result. A more close up view would give more detail to fully evaluate.  To answer your question, yes, it can spring back a bit depending on the technique used.  Perhaps more importantly, is I do not see evidence of over correction in any one area of the ear.  (For example too pinned back in the middle compared to the top, etc)  Those types of miscorrections are more likley to draw attention to the ear and can be a telltale sign of having had surgery.  A natural appearing result that does not say "I had surgery" is what most are looking for with otoplasty, and from what you have shown, I think you have that result.

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