How can I get my Nose bridge straightened and/or raised?

I hit my nose last year February 2015. I called 911 but they didn't take me for some reason. Months go by and I have an X-ray in September 2015 with the result saying nothing's wrong. I wanted to know if there was anything that I could do to PERMANENTLY straighten my nose and will it raise the bridge(especially the dorsal) and make it look back to normal. My fears: I have no deviated septum, tip problems, or anything of that matter. I just want my bridge straightened and defined again.

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Rhinoplasty to straighten the nasal bones and build up the nasal bridge line

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A rhinoplasty procedure can accomplish straightening the nasal bone osteotomies which also gives more sidewall definition to the nose.  Placement of a cartilaginous graft along the bridge line will add height to the nose.  For more information and many before and after rhinoplasty results, please see the video and the link below

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