When will the numbness behind my front teeth go away?

I had septo/rhinoplasty almost two weeks ago and I still have a numb feeling behind my two front teeth. I've read that this can stay like this permanently. It kind of stings and is just uncomfortable in general. Any idea when this should go away?

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Numbness and rhinoplasty

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In general, almost all noses are numb right after a rhinoplasty. In most cases its the tip that is numb, but this numbness can extend down to the upper lip, and in rare cases some of the teeth. There are nerves that are cut and stretched during a rhinoplasty, and it takes a long time for those nerves to start working again. This is true of an open as well as closed rhinoplasty, although it tends to be more extensive in open rhinoplasty. This could also be more extensive if a septoplasty is performed at the same time. This, along with the swelling, gives you a stiff, plastic type feel, and can give you an odd smile. However, the nerves will start working and again, and your nose stiffness will go away with time. As the nerves grow back, you may feel some tingling, itchiness and on occasion pain. This takes in most cases months, but can take years in rare cases. Extremely rarely, the numbness is permanent, although I have never seen such as case.
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Pablo Prichard, MD

Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Numbness after rhinoplasty

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It would be very unlikely to have permanent numbness of your teeth from a septorhinoplasty.  It may take several weeks or even a few months for total sensation to completely return.  There is no large nerve trunk that is injured with your surgery on only a fine network of nerve endings that will regenerate over time.  Good luck.  Donald R. Nunn MD, DDS  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Donald Nunn, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Numbness of the front teeth after rhinoplasty is short-lived.

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Because of swelling the nerves innervating the front teeth sometimes shut down for a few weeks. I've never seen a case where this did not resolve.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Tooth Numbness / Sensitivity

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Tooth sensitivity and numbness is very normal after the septoplasty portion of rhinoplasty, and is a sign your surgeon was throrough in making sure your septum was straight at the end of surgery.  It can take several weeks to go away.  It might be a good idea to eat soft foods for a while if your having trouble, so you don't hurt your front teeth accidentally.

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Samir Undavia, MD

Samir Undavia, MD
Princeton Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Teeth numbness after rhinoplasty

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Dear saints1223,

  • It can be normal to feel this sensation because of the work done inside the nose
  • It usually comes back, but it can take some time
  • You will notice that as the swelling goes down, the sensation should start coming back
  • Talk to your surgeon if you are concerned

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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