Lip Lift Reversal? Looks Like I'm Constantly Pouting.

is any way of reversing a lip lift by either dividing the muscle, tissue expansion or even maxillofacial surgery ? i find that my upper lip is short and i constantly look like im pouting. my top lip is also biggr than my bottom lip. my main dislike for this is that from side profile my nose to lip angle doesnt look as strong enough. ive already had a revision rhinoplasty involving tryiing to rotate the lip up but my doctor says that due to my lip musle and short lip i am limited.

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Lip lift reversal

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Thank you for your question about reversing your lip lift.

  • You need to go in person to a Board Certified Plastic surgeon with your operative note from the lip lift and before/after photos.
  • the surgeon will determine the cause of the problem and what can be done,
  • The lift cannot be easily reversed if too much tissue was removed,
  • If scar or muscle spasm are contributing, they can be treated

I am sorry things did not work out. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Irreversibility of Lip Lifts

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There is no effective way to reverse a subnasal lip lift. If it is early after surgery, the lip will become more relaxed over the next few months. If you are 6 months or more after surgery, there is no reasonable way to lengthen it. This is a skin deficiency issue not a muscle problem.

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