How Can I Fix my Uneven Smile/gums? (photo)

For the most part am happy with my smile. I have nice teeth, but have always hated my uneven smile. I think I have an occlusal cant judging by the slant of my teeth/mouth, but don't suffer from TMJ symptoms and have no trouble really with my jaw. I was wondering if I could fix the appearance of my teeth with gum contouring and teeth reshaping? Would it be possible to make the right side of my smile have less gum?

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Gummy smile

It would be nice to see a photo of your lips without smiling. Botox would be ideal treatment as it is simple and no invasive. Dosing here is important as you would want to get you smile as symmetrical as possible.

Surgery to upper jaw is a possibility but that is much more major procedure.


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Botulinum toxin for gummy smiles

You overall have a nice smile, teeth and lips. The slight problem you have that bothers you is that your gums showing when you smile, slightly worse on the right side. This is caused by an overactive muscle that is elevating your upper lip excessively. This can be solved by injecting botulinum toxin into this muscle to relax it, and adjusting the dose so the sides elevate symmetrically (ie putting a little more in your right side).

This problem can also be aggravated in certain people if the upper lip is thin, as it exposes more gum. In these cases, hyaluronic acid filler can also be used in conjunction with the botulinum toxin.

In your case, you appear to have good size lips, and a small dose of botulinum toxin should solve your problem. After injection you should notice an effect within a couple of days and it should last 3 months. If at a week you have any residual asymmetry, a small adjustment dose could be injected (this is sometimes necessary when having botulinum toxin for the first time). 


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