Can Anyone Fix my Lips After my Disasterous Lip Lift? (photo)

I went to the same doctor for multiple revisions, not because I'm a perfectionist, and I don't expect perfect symmetry, but because each surgical result had a problem. I wanted a lip lift, and instead I ended up with my nose being moved to one side (the columella) not once but twice, and fairly big lumpy scars on both sides of my mouth, and a very uneven look to the top of my lip. Is this fixable? How much would it cost to fix? I am so embarrassed when I go out in public now :(

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Lip lift asymmetry and scarring

This is a real problem and the answer is not clear.  WIth so many issue happening at once, the best approach is to stage the repair and make sure you gain ground with each smaller procedure.  The problem is the post-operative swelling takes time and there is always a chance for unfavorable scarring. 

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Revision Lip Lift

Thank you for posting your question and photo. It looks like you have a spread/atrophic scar. This can be related to specific techniques used in the procedure, or characteristics intrinsic to your tissues. A revision lip lift is an option, though without examining you in person, I can't say if there is enough laxity for a superior aesthetic result. You should consult with a surgeon who specializes in lip surgery. Best of luck.

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