How can I fix my crooked chin and asymmetric face? (photos)

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Facial Asymmetry

To get an accurate assessment of your face you need to submit non-smiling pictures as well as show pictures of your bite. The question is whether you chin/jaw asymmetry needs to be improved by improving your bite relationship or whether it can be addressed by just chin and jawline surgery.

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Crooked chin and asymmetric face

It is difficult to diagnose exactly what is going on with your chin and face based upon the two pictures alone. Being seen by either a properly trained plastic surgeon or Oral surgeon you will likely get all of your questions answered. Based upon the pictures provided, your chin is deviated to the left, but that could be an isolated chin problem or could be related to your entire mandible(lower jaw) being shorter on the left than the right(again need proper exam/xrays/CT scan) to determine exactly what is going on. Good news is, either way it can be surgically corrected. This may involve jaw surgery(orthognathic surgery) or may be only a sliding genioplasty to reset your chin point to the middle of your face where it belongs. Either way, your journey will begin with finding a qualified surgeon to see for consultation.

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