Sliding genioplasty, buccal fat removal and cheek fillers? (Photo)

Of the two PS I've consulted with both agree I have deficient cheek bones/structure, chubby cheeks and a weak chin. The "game plans" have been very different though (you need buccal fat removal/buccal fat removal is terrible). Lucky enough to now live in Manhattan with many top notch surgeons in my backyard but willing to travel. Believe a sliding genioplasty (Dr. Majed Jamali) and separately buccal fat removal combined with a fillers like Voluma would dramatically improve my facial shape.

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Hi ra5888Your particular situation is somewhat common.  A sliding genioplasty may be a good choice, though a chin implant of the right shape could also work well. Buccal fat pad is another good choice for you and your cheeks could be fixed with an implant, fat, or a filler.  I'll typically do all of those procedures together right in the office.Best of luck!

Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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The concept of a sliding genioplasty with buccal fat removal and cheek augmentation is perfectly appropriate for you. To get the cheek changes that you need in a rounder 'chubby' face like yours, no single procedure will be effective. Building up the high cheek area and removing fat from the subcheek/submalar region is needed to really get a better shape change. Whether the cheeks should be built up with fillers, fat or implants is a debate for which you need more information to make an informed choice.

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The volumizing of the cheekbone area/ done properly; will 'lift' the appearance of the face and help define it along with the genioplasty (and perhaps slight jawline enhancement/definition). The fat removal is really not necessary and you do have to 'project' 20 years when the 'fat' may be a positive feature to maintain facial volume/shape.

Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
Vancouver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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