Can surgery be performed to make eyes smaller?

I often here about surgery being performed in order to make eyes bigger and I was wondering if the reverse can be done. My eyes are really big and goggly similar to those with thyroid eye disease only my eyes are healthy. The white eyeball sticks out a lot and my eyes pop out when I look down. I was called names like frog eyes when I was younger which makes me more self consious about them.

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Prominent eyes

There are several options available to you with orbital and eyelid surgery. The eyelid position can be changed to cover more of the eye (eyelid retractor recession). Orbital decompression increases the bony volume of the socket allowing the eyes to recess into the sockets. If your cheeks/ midface is small, they can be projected with implants or filler. Tarsorrhaphies may help as an adjunctive procedure, but sometimes cause rounding of the lateral canthal angle when used alone. Be sure to discuss your options with an Oculoplastic surgeon, a subspecialist who has training in eyelid, orbital and reconstructive surgical techniques. Best wishes with your decisions.

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Sometimes an easy solution

I agree that orbital decompression or eyelid retraction can help conditions like yours, but sometimes a 5 minute office procedure called lateral tarsorrhaphy can improve the situation easily. I have solved this problem several times when far more complex and invasive surgery was being considered. But prominent eyes is a complicated situation that requires a specialist in eyes and eyelids, an oculoplastic surgeon. Good luck!

Jeffrey Schiller, MD
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Can surgery be performed to make eyes smaller?

It depends on your eyeball and eyelid positions. See following link. Sometimes, if eyelids are too retracted, then eyelid retraction can help. Sometimes, if eyes too bulging, then orbital decompression can help. 

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Can the eyes be made to appear SMALLER?

Thank you for sharing your question about making one's eyes appear smaller. There are a few techniques that might be possible to improve the look of your bulging eyes. You should have comprehensive evaluation in person by an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon to determine the cause of your problem and possible treatment options.Good luck,

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