6 months after upper bleph but eyes look weird. (photos)

it has been 6 months after my upper bleph and my left eyes is crease is a lot deeper from my right. i also noticed the corner of my left eye is hollow and right is fuller. When i open my eyes it look really weird. i can't leave my house without sunglasses. What the reason for this? is it too much skin or fat has been removed? my doctor seem doesn't know what going wrong? Please give advice and thank you in advance.

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I have seen this before.

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Your surgeon disinserted the levator aponeurosis and also gave you a very high crease.  This can be fixed by lowering the upper eyelid crease, repairing the levator aponeurosis and advancing orbital fat into the upper eyelid.  This will soften your appearance and make the eyes more jewel like.  Study the accompanying video.

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Deep sulcus

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You had too much fat removed during surgery.  A before picture would be helpful.   When we do an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, there is fat in the upper lid which fills in the sulcus.  This gives the puffy appearance to the eyelid pre-op.  That fat is usually left in the middle and outer portions of the lid or you can get hollowing of the lid/crease which is what you have now.  You can try some filler to the upper lid in the sulcus to try and soften the appearance.    

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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