Male Breast Reduction Price

How much does male breast reduction cost? What factors influence the price of male breast reduction? Will insurance cover the expense?

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Male Breast Reduction Cost

As noted by many other surgeons on this site, the cost of gynecomastia surgery varies depending on the extent of the condition as well as the location. In my practice, the cost for most patients is approximately $6500, which includes all fees (surgeon, hospital, anesthesia and pathology).  It is slightly higher if skin removal is required.  Insurance rarely covers the procedure, which is considered cosmetic by most insurance carriers. 

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Cost of gynecomastia correction

Here in the midwest gynecomastia correction could cost as little as 1500 dollars for a local anesthesia to 6000-8000 dollars if you need a general anesthesia. This would include excision and fat removal with possible mastopexy.

Kurtis Martin, MD
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Price of Male Breast Reduction Surgery / Gynecomastia

I think insurance SHOULD cover gynecomastia surgery.  Gynecomastia is not a result of inactivity or excess caloric intake. True gynecomastia cannot be eliminated by diet or exercise. Sometime emn feel badly, niot to mention self conscious about fullness in the chest area.  The Price of Male Breast Reduction surgery will depend upon the amount of time the surgery takes. There are several different types of gynecomastia. It also depends upon the experience of the plastic surgeon, the results the surgeon can provide, the type of anesthesia used, the facility, etc.

Treatment of ‘pure glandular’ gynecomastia 

‘Pure glandular’ gynecomastia (puffy nipples) can usually be treated by direct tissue excision alone. This type of treatment does not involve fatty tissue excess or significant skin excess. The glandular breast tissue proliferation is located immediately behind the nipple and areola and is removed through an incision placed at the inferior border of the areola. The incision can be limited, in most cases, from about the 4 o’clock to the 8 o’clock position of the areola. The color difference between areolar skin and chest skin conceals this type of incision quite nicely for most patients.

When thinking about price, consider that getting it "right" is always less expensive than unexpected revisions.

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Cost of gynecomastia Corrective Surgery

Surgery to Gynecomastia can vary from patient to patient. The extent of the surgery, the skill of the surgeon, the techniques used, and the time that would take to do the surgery would determine the cost.

The cost would be typically somewhere between 5000 to $7000.

Please see an experienced surgeon with passion for getting the best result. After consultation, a more accurate estimate of the cost of surgery can be given.

Hope this helped.

Dr. Sajjadian

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Male Breast Reduction costs $5000 - 10000

Correction of gynecomastia can be an insurance-covered benefit and this is the appropriate place to start. Gynecomastia can be caused by medications, weight, marijuana use, or (in rare cases) tumors that effect your hormonal balance.

Gynecomastia correction surgery is different than breast reduction surgery for women. The end goals are different in that breast reduction surgery aims to create a smaller attractive looking breast that has projection, roundness and appropriate horizontal positioning of the nipple in comparison to the breast fold and breast mound.

Gynecomastia correction aims to create a male-looking breast with significant improvement in the skin envelope and subcutaneous breast tissue.

Typically costs are between $5000-$10000 depending on the techniques used (liposuction, direct excision, combinations of both).

I hope this helps.

Steven H. Williams, MD
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Male breast reduction Cost, Connecticut

Your type and degree of gynecomastia will determine what type of surgical intervention is needed. Liposuction vs direct surgical excision. Cost will depend on where you live and the type or degree of repair needed. The cost usually ranges from $6000-$7500 and is not typically covered under insurance. 

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Male breast reduction cost

Male breast reduction cost can vary depending on if there is a need for excision of any skin or just liposuction with removal of the glandular tissue by direct excision.

For liposuction with direct excision of the glandular tissue, costs are $4500 for everything at Hedden Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, Alabama. This includes facility, anesthesia and surgeons fees.

If there is some laxity to the tissue and the patient wishes to have smart liposuction with the excision the cost is $1000 more for the added laser cost.

William J. Hedden, MD
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Cost of male breast reduction

The cost of #malebreastreduction is dependent on the extent of surgery needed to correct the specific issues of the patient.  In my practice you are probably going to be in the $5,000 -$6,000 range, which would include all expenses. You would have a consultation and get an exact price.  

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Gynecomastia reduction surgery cost

The cost for male breast reduction varies widely according to degree of gynecomastia and thus the procedure required to achieve the correction.  The cost also varies across the regions of the country.  In my practice, the cost varies from about $3000 for very straightforward/simple cases to about $8000 for complex cases.  It is really necessary to see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon to get specific recommendations and cost estimates.

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Male Breast Reduction

Costs for the surgery for reduction of the male breasts are dependent on several factors.First is one should understand there is a professional fee and a separate facility fee.So the total cost to the patient is obtained by combining the two fees. The professional fee varies widely. To some degree the price varies to a degree with experience and expertise however I often see patients who have seen a surgeon with little to no expertise in the area with fees significantly above our fee. I perform surgery in three locations 1) an office operating room which is fully accredited 2) an out patient surgery center which has 4 operating rooms and 3) the hospital. The prices vary with each facility.

Jay M. Pensler, MD
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