How can I fix my asymmetrical eyes? (Photos)

One of my eyes is bigger in the inner corner and smaller on the outer corner causing a droopy, tired look to my eye. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

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How can I fix my asymmetrical eyes?

The asymmetric eye appearance is likely due to multiple factors including bony asymmetry, eyelid asymmetry, and eyeball position asymmetry. Best to see an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation. See following video too.

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Asymmetric eye appearance- how to correct

If the asymmetry bothered you sufficiently, we would handle this degree of asymmetry with a cheeklift, asymmetrically performed, to reduce the appearance of asymmetry of the lower eyelids.  We would leave the canthus completely alone.

Your eyes are fundamentally different (this is very common by the way).  The L eye acts larger and sits differently in the eye bone itself.  So any procedure to achieve more symmetry is really a camouflage procedure.

There are several articles and chapters on this topic from this office.

It is best to seek out a surgeon who loves dealing with the mid face as this is a very technical procedure.

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There are multiple reasons for the appearance of eye asymmetry. One cause is that the bone surrounding the eye is a different size on ones side compared to the other.  Other causes include the eyelid itself and can be due to scarring or just the way you were born.  You have asymmetry of the lower eyelids in both the height and contour.  There are several options to correct or improve this but you would want an evaluation by an oculoplastic surgeon accustomed to fixing these problems since they are complex

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Mild lid retraction of the left lower lid

Your photo shows a mild lid retraction of the lateral left lower lid. This can be corrected with localized surgery in the lateral lid - an office procedure with minimal down time (a little bruising and swelling). See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation and discussion of your options. Best wishes!

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Left lower lid low

Your left lower lid is starting to pull down.  Have you had a surgery?  Need to see an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation. 

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Asymmetric Eyes

Thank you for sharing your case and photos.  One eye seems more red than the other.  You may want to start with an exam by a board certified ophthalmologist to make sure your eyes are healthy.  Good luck!

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