Uneven creases 3 weeks after double eyelid non-incision (Stitching) surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I had my Double Suture and Twist Technique (DST) done 3 weeks ago. I was very worried now as you see in my photo attached, the cease from the left side eyes looks higher than the right one. When I opened my eyes, it looks so imbalance (Like one eye were bigger, and the other eye were smaller). I've talked to my doc, she asked me to wait til the swollen gone and then they only can finalise the result. Please advise me. :(

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It is reasonable to wait more time.

However after about 2 months you should be pretty healed from the procedure.  If you are still not satisfied with surgery, I recommend seeing Alice Goh, MD at the International Eye Specialist Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

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Asymmetry post op

Hi there. Greetings from the UK! Yes I'd completely agree with your surgeon. It's way way too early to make any judgement on asymmetry at this very early stage. You've got quite a lot of postoperative swelling still which is worse on YOUR left upper eyelid which is making the pretarsal skin quite stretched thus elevating the skin crease. I'd continue to be optimistic. Although most patients are fairly close to their final result at 2-3 months post op, I've seen asymmetry resolve as late as 6 months post op. Some patients just take a bit longer so keep your chin up and don't get too down about it for now. Best wishes David

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